Did You Miss Out On The Bitcoin Boom?

Don’t settle for second best ever again! Did you hear about the man who bought $27 of Bitcoin in 2009? He forgot about them and then realized they were worth $886k in 2013? True Story. IT COULD BE YOU!

Many every day people who took a chance with Bitcoin in the early stages ended up massively benefitting, becoming financially independent to not only follow their dreams and desires, but also to make up a few new ones.

The only problem is that it was only those who got in on Bitcoin on the ground floor before the boom that massively benefitted, so now is the time to take a chance, be part of something that could not only improve and change your world for the better, but everyone else who lives in it!


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At this moment at Rimbit-UK, we are selling for ONLY 1.3-CENT PER RBT! To put things into perspective, Bitcoin is currently between $400 – 500 per bit. People always say imagine the return on investment when Rimbit (RBT) is $100 per RBT, but I say… imagine the profits we will make when RBT reaches ONLY $10 per RBT, which is very very realistic indeed! This is why you need to place your RBT order today, big or small, because they will all be big in the future.

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What is Rimbit?

Rimbit is a new-wave and exciting Crypto Currency, similar to Bitcoin for all intents and purposes with more onus on being controlled by the currency’s owners/community as opposed to the faceless multinational companies whom now control Bitcoin and only have interests in their own financial gain. You can visit the official Rimbit website by clicking here. But we would suggest you get your Rimbit (RBT) from this website as we have the lowest prices.

There are not many chances in life to shape things your own way, as we are prisoners to the current financial system. NOW IS THE TIME at the seeding stage of Rimbit, because as the days, months and years go by, the only way is up and you DON’T WANT TO MISS THE CHANCE OF A LIFETIME, DO YOU?

Be part of the runaway Rimbit train that cannot be stopped. Get onboard before the train leaves the platform and leaves you stranded in Brokesville.

Now is the time, so seize the moment while it’s still available. Contribute/purchase as little or as much as you like, but remember, the more you contribute now, the more you could reap in the future!

Rimbit features you must know:

  • Over 30 million RBT distributed throughout the world in over 20 countries
  • In operation over 2 years and going strong
  • Community-driven by devoted individuals
  • Not controlled by banking institutes (You Are The Bank!)
  • Interactive forum

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What is Rimbit UK?

Rimbit-UK is the first-ever Rimbit-reseller website. This allows us a Globe-logo-big_2_smallprestigious position to purchase Rimbit (RBT) for wholesale prices and sell them onto you for amazing value for money rates, lower than the market value so YOU get the BEST opportunity possible. You could get your RBT from the official Rimbit Website, but we are the cheapest option in the world.

More About Rimbit

How can I get my Rimbits Now?

It will only take 20-minutes to CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER. Please click here to see a step-by-step guide to GET YOUR RIMBITS NOW!

Our main source for receiving funds is through PayPal, although we also accept international bank transfers from every country in the world.

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